Thursday, 28 November 2013

Reasons Why I Hate University

I Hate University.

55 Days.
1320 Hours.
79200 Minutes.

Of me busting my ass.
Meeting deadline after deadline.
Fuelling off hours of sleep and endless cups of coffee.

Let me explain:
When I was three I started playing the violin, and that was my thing.
I played for 15 years, I didn't know anything else and it was just assumed that I would pursue music.
Then you come to the time crunch in your life where your bombarded with the daunting questions:

"What are you going to do next year?" 
"Where are you going to university?"
"What do you want to be when you grow up?"

Growing up are we preparing for this moment? Because, holy shit. I have no idea.
Turning 18, all of a sudden the world is now on your shoulders.
These questions must be answered or you'll be left behind.

Music was my thing.
I was able to read the notes, but not give them the meaning that was intended.
I got comfortable.
Having something for so long, you know no better and you're blinded to other opportunities.

Back to square one.
I had no idea, and I was running out of time.
I felt like I was last place, whilst everybody else ahead knew where they were going.
After cancelling the possibility of music, I leaned towards drama.
Drama changed to Fashion Communications and then somehow led me here today.
Today I am BFA taking business prerequisites.

Ideally, I wanted to take a year off after high school. Make some money and figure out what the hell I was going to do. Growing up, university was never a question. The only question was where/what you were going to study. I didn't want to waste a year of my life busting my ass in studies that made me miserable. Taking a year off was my chance to find an idea what I wanted. I wanted something to go forward. Looking at it now I have no idea what I want to be down the road.
No idea- Which scares the shit out me.

Nobody likes university.
You just become immuned to the system.
Going to university, you are promised a job that will lead you to a career.
But, it's getting harder and harder for anybody, degree or not, to get a job.
Education is key for change, but is university the key for education?
How can a number define you as a person, learner? Is your red the same as mine? One can grow up their whole life thinking they are in the wrong, yet they were in the right the whole time. We are seven billion different thinkers and have our way of thinking, and yet a number can mold thinkers otherwise.
I will not be defined for a number.
What I got on the final.
How much is in my bank account.
How much my overly expense car is.
How much the clothes on my back cost.
This does define you as a thinker, as a person.

I rather be frolicking in the grass with a Free People dress and flower crown headband flowing in the wind, but yet hear I am- sleep deprived and running off coffee.
Is me going to university promise me a career or  a job?

Your thoughts?


Thursday, 7 November 2013

Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber has been a hot topic for the past few weeks- even more so.
He made a visit to Brazil and has talk going- even more so.

Here's the rundown:
    -He went to a brothel.
    -Chose two girls from the brothel, to do god knows what.
    -One of the prostitutes apparently filmed/posted him sleeping.
    -And he did some graffiti, for kicks and artistic reasons- or whatever.

People can react to this story in one or more of the following ways:
   1. Not give a shit.
   2. Cry and start something disgusting (i.e. #cutforbieber)
   3. Express feelings through cryptical posts with Kelvin filter- for artistic reasons- or whatever.
   4. Bieber who?

I don't care about Justin's everyday life- the fact that he goes to a brothel or likes to take an above average amount of selfies does not concern me (okay the selfie thing, it's troubling).
But the fact that Christmas drinks are out, the semester is ending, and Coach is back on New Girl takes more of my attention.
But after watching this story unravel and people going ape shit, got my attention.

Put things on perspective here.
Justin Bieber is 19 years old (or young, if you're annoying and like to quote Perks of Being a Wallflower.) Jesus, that's a year older than me- he is a kid. He is going to fuck up, all the time.
Despite that, he is under the eye of millions depicting every single move.
He has 46,659,031 twitter followers, who knows how many are fake trolls or 12 year old girls- but what's the difference (this is a joke, I wanted to be ironic)?
If millions of people are constantly telling you that you are perfect all of these fuck ups are brushed off and you can no longer do wrong. Wait- am I defending Justin Bieber?
But when he was just starting his fame back in 2009 he came to Edmonton for a meet up and concert. For reasons I cannot remember, I went to these events and he was just a regular person who didn't have Jesus tattooed on his leg. He was a kid living his dream and had the opportunity to do what he loves the most: Jesu- music.

Now fast forward four years.
He's banging chicks and suffers from multiple selfie disorder.
I don't blame the kid, yes- he is a ignorant twat and needs to punched sometimes. But if you were given the notion that you were invisible and given mass power over millions of people, what are you expecting. We can't all be Simon Cowell cookie cutout One Direction.
Justin is more well known for the crazy shit, the fact that he supposedly a musician is forgotten. The music industry today is focused on the looks, boob size, and the sob story- music comes last. I by no means like Justin- again I could care less, but the fact that if the kid wants to go and party, it's sad that he can't party without having someone filming him. And what's more sad, is that's the highlight. That's what people are focused on and that's what they leave with. When more important things in the world are happening, like Rob Ford.

Yes, Justin is a twat.
Also, human.

Despite the selfies.

Don't worship the kid.
Don't loathe the kid.
Just be decent.

Your thoughts?


Tuesday, 5 November 2013

OCTOBER: Beauty Favourites

1. NEUTROGENA: Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF: 110
2. ESSIE NAIL POLISH: Stylenomics
BORJOIS: Health Mix Serum, Gel Foundation (52: Vanilla)
4. JOE FRESH: Matte Lipstick (Ruby)
5. RIMMEL LONDON: Kate Moss Matte Lipstick (107)
6. BENFIT: POREfessional
7. MARC JACOBS: Daisy Rollerball
8. NARS: Matte Lip Pencil (Train Bleu)
BENEFIT: The POREfessional
LUSH: H'Suan Wen Hua - Hair Mask
ILLUME: Luxury Soy Candle (Mulled Wine)

NARS: Matte Lip Pencil (Train Bleu)

ESSIE: Nail Polish (Stylenomics)
VOLUSPA: Bella Sucre
ST. IVES: Timeless Skin- Hydratant Facial
SOAP & GLORY: Body Butter: Mist You Madly (Bergamot, Freesia, Vanilla)
OCTOBER (ɒkˈtoʊ bər) has now passed.
31 days have passed.
And through those 31 days I have loved and now what to share things that make me happy, beauty wise.

1. BENEFIT: POREfessional:
This product has been my holy grail this past month, it works wonders. The purpose of it is to minimize your pores, when in reality it takes away the pores and black spots- amazing, amazing.
This has grown to be my obsession, but it is on the pricy side for such a small tube ($48)- but so far it has lasted me about two and a half months, and for the results I am happy to spend a bit more.
Sidenote: it smells like baby powder, and I love it.
AVAILABLE: Sephora, local drugstores

2. NARS: Matte Lip Pencil (Train Bleu):
Nars has the best (matte) lipsticks, in my opinion. The lip pencil have a texture is very light making it feel like you're not even wearing the lipstick and has great pigmentation. And on average they have lasted me for a year and a half. Again a bit pricy ($30) but oh my god- the colour got me good. It is a beautiful dark purple and makes me feel complete. AVAILABLE: Sephora, local drugstores, or Nars Beauty Stands.

ILLUME: Luxury Soy Candle (Mulled Wine): Oh my lord. Smells like everything you want in a candle, Fall and everything else that comes with it. It's a cross mix of apples and spices, and creates a cozy and snug feeling. And the soy candles got me curious, apparently they last longer and use natural oils- keep you posted on it's life power.
VOLUSPA: Bella Sucre: A coconut scented candle that make you think you're somewhere warm and tropical. When it's 40 below in a couple of weeks, I will need this.
AVAILABLE: Chapters, Anthropology (cheaper at Chapters)

4. SOAP & GLORY: Body Butter: Mist You Madly (Bergamot, Freesia, Vanilla):
This is my first Soap and Glory product that I used and I was inspired by Zoella to pick one up, and I'm hooked. The body butter is heavy, but not greasy, and it able to moisturize fast and does not leave you feeling sticky. The scents are also very unique throughout the collection, not your typical sweet vanilla scents. Mist You Madly is one of their signature scents, it is mix of citrus and vanilla- able to use all year round, day or night.
AVAILABLE: Shoppers Drug Mart

5. ST. IVES: Timeless Skin- Hydratant Facial:
St. Ives has great body scrubs and lotions, and decided to pick this up one day and to my it is so refreshing after a long day. I have very sensitive skin and with this facial it takes away the redness and blemishes whilst leaving the skin feeling awake. Also with St. Ives all their products have great prices, this only cost me $3!
AVAILABLE: Drug/Supermarkets

6. LUSH: H'Suan Wen Hua - Hair Mask:
I have dry and damaged hair, and this was able to leave my hair so soft and alive. It's a very strange smell, not the most appealing scent, but manageable- t contains eggs (nutrients, protein), balsamic vinegar (sleekness, shine) and bay leaves (rejuvenates the scalp). It's recommended to leave in for 10-15 minutes, but the lady at lush told me she puts it in for 2 hours whilst watching a movie- but whatever works for you. I have long and thick hair and this lasted me about 4 washes, but if used liberally up to 5-6 washes.

7. NEUTROGENA: Ultra Sheer Sunscreen SPF: 110:
Fact: I am allergic to the sun. Going out without sunscreen I get itchy which results in rashes and hives. My face breaks out and become a mess, so sunscreen is always a must. But in general, protecting your skin is very important and should be maintained regularly. I've used bottles of sunscreen, but this is by far my favourite. My dermatologist recommend this and it has a formula that is light and is sheer, making it feel like you're not wearing it. SPF is 110, but they have different arranges of spf in this collection. They're small and fit perfectly in bags, and with this my skin is protected and save from the sun.
AVAILABLE: Drug/Superstores

That's it- that's October in a nutshell!
What did October look for you? Anything you recommend, if so- leave a comment!
I will see you all soon, until then- stay beautiful!



Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Snapshots of the Day

I got a haircut



Blouse: H&M
Coat: OAK & FORT
Skirt: OAK & FORT
Boots: HIBOU
Necklace: Loft 82
I like them.

You have days where you want to go to back alleyways and take photos.
That was this day.


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

October Thoughts


Photo from my last trip to NYC last year.
I found this whilst looking through old photos, and at the time thought it was a shit photo.
My two loves in one: Time Square and McDonalds.




Necklace: LOFT 82
Tunic: LOFT 82
Black Dress: LOFT 82
Green Slip: OAK & FORT

Some days I feel like wearing three shirts.
Also, give Haim a listen. They're great and makes days brighter.

Just a regular Tuesday.
What's yours?


Dear Zoe Sugg

Dear Zoe,

My name is Emily and I'm a 18 years old living in Edmonton, Canada. 
We are 6820 km (4238 miles) apart and living on two separate continents, and yet I am intrigued by your person.

I wanted to take the time, and say thank you for simply being you.

Thank you for returning the trust and keeping the conversation going.
For trusting and sharing us with your stories, and bringing us inside your perspectives- when letting in one person isn't hard enough, you have let two million of us in.
Thanking for sharing your struggles with panic attacks and anxiety, in some way or another we are affected. And I wanted to applaud you for letting down the barriers that we build for so long, and giving us insight that everything is not black and white. That life continues after the camera stops rolling and you face the same shit we all do. What I've been able to discover, is that we are all connected with the stories we share. And we all have the same story, just with a different narrator. 
We are the same, we are different. 

Thank you for being a human being.
As an audience grow a notion that after the camera stops rolling that it's all peachy and the expectation of perfection is made. But in fact, you must have the same share of bad days as the next person. I just started my first year of university, and the constant confusion and the fear of the unknown is constant. There are assignments due and always a deadline to be made. But there is a comfort of watching you just talking about your day at the drug store or what your recent purchases were. I don't what it is, but it feels like a constant friend where I can turn to for comfort to get all the shit off my mind. A conversation is made, even though it's a bit one sided on my part.

Lastly, thank you for being you.
Being ourselves is difficult I find from personal experiences. I told myself that I wasn't good enough- this consisted of thinking that I wasn't pretty, thin, smart, or had the right clothes- the list was never ending. I grew a notion that the labels on your clothes define the person you were and moulded myself to the idea of normal. But, what the hell is normal? Is it coming home to your white picket fece with your Honda Civic in the driveway, your picture family waiting inside? Is your normal the same as mine? Thanking for breaking the mould and showing that it's okay and the liberation and triumph through breaking through those walls. Building the walls and mask is one part, but breaking it down and separating the two is another. 
You document your everyday life just being you, regardless of what that is. Thank you for sharing you at your truest form.

I don't really know what to say, and how to say it without sounding like a stalker.
But if anything, I want to say thank you.
Regardless of it all, you find the time and effort to share- and through your sharing you are able to create talk and change. 
And that is the most powerful tool. 
You create talk and bring a community together. 
And Jesus, that sounds terrifying and beautiful. 
But you do it, so again, thank you.
Thank you for being, Zoe Sugg.

Your friend,

Friday, 20 September 2013

A month's perspective of University

On campus:
Jacket: LOFT 82
Boots: HIBOU
Headband: DIY
Shirt: OAK + FORT
Lipstick: NARS

A month has come and gone and I have have had a full month of experience of university.

Crazy how much can change within a month and yet so much is yet to come. 
I am studying arts and business at my local university and it's actually refreshing to learn courses that you have interest in and are able to apply within your life. In high school I didn't have a care in the world to invest my time in molecular bonds or globalization, and in being in classes that you have interest in you are also surrounded by people who carry the same interest as you and are open to learning. So in other words, it's nice not to have a class full of complete dicks. 
But with my knowledge of a month's experience of university, I wanted to share my experience and thoughts with you:

1. Professors give a shit, if you give a shit: My first class my prof made it very clear that if you're here to learn or to sleep, the choice is yours. You are filled with a classroom of 400 students, in the spectrum you are just a number. You are paying $10 000 in tuition, it gives you more of a motivation to actually learn. During my classes, I also realized that the prof also doesn't tell you if you have homework or not. Again, that's all on you. Everything is online and it's your responsibility to check and submit it before due date. If you're there to learn, great. If not, that's a really expensive nap you're taking. What you put in, you get out. 

2. $$$$$$$$$: Students enrolled in a graduate program paid an average of $6,053 in tuition fees in 2013/2014, up 2.3%. This followed a 4.5% gain a year earlier. Canadian full-time students in undergraduate programs paid 3.3% more on average in tuition fees for the 2013/2014 academic year this fall than they did a year earlier. This follows a 4.2% increase in 2012/2013 ( In conclusion, university is fucking expensive. But the spectrum on things, Canada isn't that bad when it comes to tuition. It is cheaper for a USA student to come to Canada as a international student, then it would be to be a student in their own state. In 2010/2011 an American's four year institution's tuition was $102 900 and a private institution $355 900 ( Compared to Canada where an average tuition fees for international undergraduate students rose 6.8% to $19,514 in 2013/2014, compared with a 5.5% increase in 2012/2013. 

On top of tuition, you have to buy textbooks. And Jesus Christ, those shits are expensive. 
For one semester I bought 5 textbooks for the cost of $540, for classes I will be in for three months. And it doesn't end there, for each class have different programs for online assignments. In my Stats class we have three different programs for labs, homework, and in class assignments- and all are paid for. So within three courses I have five different programs, wouldn't it be more convenient to have one universe program for students? If you wanted to encourage the youth to continue their education, wouldn't you reduce the cost and make it more accessible. If you want the next generation educated and to shape the world with their choices, doesn't it make sense to make university more accessible to everybody? Example: George Bush. In 2007 The Education Department who received $54.4 billion for discretionary spending in the fiscal year, was cut of $3.7 billion, or 6.4 percent. Bush eliminated 42 education programs deemed unnecessary or inefficient, including some money for the arts, technology, parent-resource centers and drug-free schools (
In 2011 in the UK university applicants dropped 12% due to tuition fees. In 2006, when tuition fees last trebled from £1,000 a year to £3,000, applications fell by 4.5%, but were followed by a 7.1% rebound the following year. Two years after that, in 2009, applications soared by 10.1%.We are all different, we all generate a different income and that shouldn't limit us to the choices that we should or shouldn't have. If an individual has the drive to continue their education, one should. 
A number should not define a person.

3. Be prepared: This can be applied in many different ways. Being prepared for class, materials, being on time. Bring food and waterbottle to your classes, this can help you safe money and make you focused on your class and not the fact that you're hungry. Have the class materials with you, read the reading before/after class so you're able to follow along with your instructor. During orientation you're given an agenda, this for the next four some years will be your best friend. Organize your day accordingly. Before classes started I walked around campus with my schedule and figured out my roadmap. I have ten minutes before each classes, so this helped me time myself and find shortcuts to my classes. This also help you find where the cheapest coffee is (very crucial to my routine) or even where bathrooms are. Find areas where you might want to take your study breaks and be in your own space. Regardless what you do, make choices that benefit you in the long run- but remember you deserve the  cheap coffee and Subway on your days off.

University is a foreign place, and you're only able to learn as you go. 

You will fuck up. Don't focus on that, learn from it and carry on.
What are your thoughts/tips? Please share!

Until next time, 

Stay beautiful.




Wednesday, 4 September 2013


Today marks as my first official day of University.
I started off the day with my first class, Econ 101 and I start off my mornings now with 300 other kids in a lecture hall. You realize that this is for real, that there's no screwing around and that the professor doesn't hold your hand. This is the real world. And it's only 9:00 AM.
Currently I am studying BA in Drama taking my prerequisites for business (you can't go directly into business in your first year) and I feel like I am floating around. Near the end of high school I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. Which I know is a common theme, but I actually have no clue- not even an idea. And it scares the holy shit out of me. After high school my ideal plan was to take a year off, take time to work and actually figure out what to do. But my parents disagreed, said that they wouldn't want to talk to someone who was lazy. Through my eyes taking a year off is me trying to not be bankrupt and not spend a year not spending $7000 floating around. But here I am in university. Have you ever felt like whatever you do, you can be replaced? Like you'll forever be a brick in a wall? That's me right now, stuck. If I left tomorrow off the face of the earth, I can easily be replaced. You wonder how much input you have in the world.

What is the point of university? I'm not being bitter, but what is it? Being in a routine, paving the way to a fulltime job with included health care, get married, have children, and then what? Here we are with programs being cut, the prices are higher then ever. If you wanted to promote university, why not have at a point where everybody is able to afford it and have equal opportunities. We are going to change the world with the stories we tell, weather in a positive or negative light- that's negotiable. Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerburg, Steve Jobs didn't complete university but they managed to make their mark, but on the other hand they were geniuses that managed to make their mark.

These are my thoughts through video:

What are your thoughts of university?


Friday, 30 August 2013


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Happy Shiny People

You Are Not What You Own.
Purest bliss.

Just a few snapshots of the past weeks.
I realized that people are great, beautiful creatures.