Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Dear Zoe Sugg

Dear Zoe,

My name is Emily and I'm a 18 years old living in Edmonton, Canada. 
We are 6820 km (4238 miles) apart and living on two separate continents, and yet I am intrigued by your person.

I wanted to take the time, and say thank you for simply being you.

Thank you for returning the trust and keeping the conversation going.
For trusting and sharing us with your stories, and bringing us inside your perspectives- when letting in one person isn't hard enough, you have let two million of us in.
Thanking for sharing your struggles with panic attacks and anxiety, in some way or another we are affected. And I wanted to applaud you for letting down the barriers that we build for so long, and giving us insight that everything is not black and white. That life continues after the camera stops rolling and you face the same shit we all do. What I've been able to discover, is that we are all connected with the stories we share. And we all have the same story, just with a different narrator. 
We are the same, we are different. 

Thank you for being a human being.
As an audience grow a notion that after the camera stops rolling that it's all peachy and the expectation of perfection is made. But in fact, you must have the same share of bad days as the next person. I just started my first year of university, and the constant confusion and the fear of the unknown is constant. There are assignments due and always a deadline to be made. But there is a comfort of watching you just talking about your day at the drug store or what your recent purchases were. I don't what it is, but it feels like a constant friend where I can turn to for comfort to get all the shit off my mind. A conversation is made, even though it's a bit one sided on my part.

Lastly, thank you for being you.
Being ourselves is difficult I find from personal experiences. I told myself that I wasn't good enough- this consisted of thinking that I wasn't pretty, thin, smart, or had the right clothes- the list was never ending. I grew a notion that the labels on your clothes define the person you were and moulded myself to the idea of normal. But, what the hell is normal? Is it coming home to your white picket fece with your Honda Civic in the driveway, your picture family waiting inside? Is your normal the same as mine? Thanking for breaking the mould and showing that it's okay and the liberation and triumph through breaking through those walls. Building the walls and mask is one part, but breaking it down and separating the two is another. 
You document your everyday life just being you, regardless of what that is. Thank you for sharing you at your truest form.

I don't really know what to say, and how to say it without sounding like a stalker.
But if anything, I want to say thank you.
Regardless of it all, you find the time and effort to share- and through your sharing you are able to create talk and change. 
And that is the most powerful tool. 
You create talk and bring a community together. 
And Jesus, that sounds terrifying and beautiful. 
But you do it, so again, thank you.
Thank you for being, Zoe Sugg.

Your friend,

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